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When one of our brokers explains the difference ENGEL & VÖLKERS to a journalist ...

Friday, February 23rd, 2018 at 10:33am Engel & Völkers Montréal

What distinguishes Engel & Völkers from other agencies is the real international coverage of our EDGE platform, which reaches 500 million consumers a month all over the world ... we have powerful tools and we are leaders in cutting-edge real estate technologies, the network is well established in all spheres related to high-level global real estate: lawyers, tax experts / accountants, Fortune 500, royalty, finance, banks, etc. It is the only selective real estate agency specialized in luxury real estate ... management conducts up to 20 interviews per week via hundreds of applications / resumes to find candidates which fit the profile of an elite advisor for an exceptional clientele in luxury real estate. Honesty, credibility and likeability factor. Usually, in the industry about 80% of the time the buyer is represented by a collaborating broker, which means that the inter-agency network generates the majority of buyers. At Engel & Völkers, this ratio is reversed in several sectors which means that the Engel & Völkers network generates up to 4 times more sales in the niche of luxury properties ... we had a growth of + 250% in one year … which is huge! We have constant sales records throughout Quebec. There is a real collaborative culture between Engel & Völkers brokers and agencies.  It’s really the cream of the crop, the real McCoy of elite brokerage, it's not the NHL but the all-star game of the NHL. The fact that we are the only non-American international and privately owned real estate agency not only differentiates us in the philosophy and the corporate culture but also in the horizons of development, we think long term, we invest in it for the long run, we develop relationships with our customers. We are here to serve, help and we have the privilege of making a living out of it. It is a human approach without the "bling, bling" despite the fact that we are doing business in luxury. It is respectful without falling into the showy pitfalls. Engel & Völkers is in the midst of a high-speed revolution in brokerage, at a speed with a capital “S”, unprecedented in our industry, and is credited for giving the badge of glory to the profession of real estate broker.

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