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Only 5 lofts left

A truly unique project. Authentic residential lofts!

A perfect harmony between the past and the present in a historical and emblematic building: Usine B

Built by Alphonse Raymond in 1913, these two factories, Usine B and Usine C, were devoted to the production of strawberry jam. Usine C, now a renowned theatre, and the other, who has for a long-time abandoned the jam making industry, is now dedicated to creating delightful living spaces. Lofts that are “Made to please!” like M. Raymond's slogan used to say.

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Inimitable style

Old and new materials come together and create a beautiful and unique combination of volumes and textures, giving B-loft its distinguishing appeal. While keeping its raw and industrial aesthetics we incorporated our modern and functional values.

B-Loft is for people who like to stand out. People who are looking for an exceptional home, steeped in history and inimitable style, in a hectic neighbourhood where life is good.

Contact our advisor: Eric Gagnon 514 554 1175

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Eric Gagnon


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